Deciding on a wedding theme can be challenging, especially if you are on a tight budget. Lucky for you one of the trendiest wedding themes right now is the southern classic barn wedding. There are several variations available for this theme, but they all tend to be pretty cost effective. You can spend as little or as much as you want and still achieve a beautiful wedding. This theme is perfect for anyone who loves southern or country décor and can be really affordable.


There are several venue options that can coordinate well with this theme. You could rent out a barn for various prices. If you have a low budget, you could even think outside the box and do an outside wedding with theme-appropriate decorations or request to rent out a location that doesn’t typically do weddings, such as a private farm or stables. It’s fairly simple to make the venue fit the look of a country themed wedding.


Burlap is all the rage for these weddings. There is a ridiculous amount of options for DIY burlap decorations and party favors to make your special day beautiful and theme-appropriate. Wood decorations are also hugely popular for country-themed weddings and are fairly inexpensive. Above all, the plethora of DIY options for decorations for southern-themed weddings is amazingly helpful and super cost-effective. The best part of the decorations for this wedding theme is that none of them sacrifice appearance for price.


A cheap and themed option for the food at your wedding could be the southern classic tradition of potluck. Everyone can contribute home-cooked dishes for your overall meal. It’s delicious, more personal, and extremely cost-effective. If that sounds too far away from the ideal wedding meal, consider using soul foods or, if it’s a small wedding, cooking the food yourself.


You can save the most money in the attire portion of your wedding. A simple wedding dress fits the theme well and is usually cheaper than the more elaborate dresses. Beyond that, the bridesmaids’ dresses can be a simpler, cheaper design and save your bridesmaids a bundle. This would eliminate the likelihood of bridesmaids having to turn it down because they couldn’t afford the dress.

Southern-themed weddings are super trendy right now and an inexpensive option for a beautiful wedding. You can save money on the venue, decorations, food, and attire with this theme and not sacrifice the goal-design. This theme option is perfect for southerners and southerners-at-heart, and just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful!

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