Marriage is a sacrosanct entity. It is coming together of two people on a beautiful and life long journey. Whether you both have been in a five year long relationship or you both met just 3 months ago, it does not matter. What matters, are the years that you would be spending together after you both say “I do”. Be it preparing for your wedding day or your wedding night the many things mentioned here would hold equally true for your entire married life.

Before delving into the preparation steps for the wedding night, here are few facts that would be better to remember. They should not come in between spending a memorable time with your spouse.

    • Generally after a big event like graduation or marriage a feeling of anti-climax comes over. “What next” stares you in the face. Don’t worry too much about it. It is quite natural and will pass. Instead concentrate on the good times you are about to spend with the person you love.
    • No wedding ceremony is perfect. No matter how much you prepare, there are bound to be some glitches. Remember that many things are not in your control. Be it sudden weather change or some problem with the dress, just have a good laugh over it and forget.
    • You will be tired. After days of preparation and then going through the actual ceremony is bound to leave you exhausted. Acknowledge it and space yourself.

Once the guests leave, it would be the first time that you both will spend time together as husband and wife. Cherish these moments and enjoy them. In order to make them memorable here are few pointers that will help you through the evening:

    • Don’t indulge in too much drinking during the ceremony. You don’t want to spend your wedding night vomiting or passing out.
    • Eat healthy all during the day. Since the whole event is bound to be stressful and tiring, avoid foods that would give you stomach problems later. Eat fresh fruits to avoid feeling bloated.
    • Spend some relaxing time with your friends and family during the day. These are the people who have known you for a long time and talking to them would help you unwind.
    • Plan where you would spend your wedding night. Will it be in your home or hotel, in your town or out of town? Check your bookings in order to avoid last minute disappointment. Make a list and pack your luggage accordingly, at least a few days before the wedding.
    • In case you have any inhibitions or queries it’s better to talk it through with someone you completely trust.
    • It is always a good idea to communicate openly about the expectations your partner might have about the wedding night. Communication is almost always the key to solving any problem.

Nothing in this world is perfect. Neither are you nor your spouse. Things do go wrong but what turns them in blunders is our attitude towards them. Learning from mistakes adds to your experience and helps you both move forward together in this journey called life.

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