If it is your big day and you are confused, then don’t worry. This normally happens with every other person who is about to get married. Just focus on your big day and the plans and it will be amazing. Before that, here are some tips which might help you feel more prepared.

    • Planning for the wedding day can bring a lot of stress. I know how everyone wants to make their wedding day perfect but some of them sometimes fails to make it happen because of the level of stress. Just take your time for everything. Believe in yourself that everything will be fine and do not stress out about the little things. Don’t make it a big deal. Handle things carefully and you will be good to go. Here the key to a best wedding is to take your time in everything.


    • You need to make a list of guests which you are going to invite on your wedding day. You cannot decide the venue first and estimate the guests later. This will be such a mess. Make a list and decide the number of guests. If you have a lot of guests coming then decide a place which can accommodate all of them along with a band, dance floor or stage too if you want to include it.


    • Another important thing while you are planning your wedding is the date. Make sure you select the date on which every of your guest can easily come, but of course this is not possible. Other than that you can select a non-national-holiday-date. Furthermore, check beforehand the availability of venue, hotels and other places which you are planning to visit.


    • Once you have managed deciding these things. Now it is time for you to decide the meal. The quantity of the meal should be according to the guests. Not too much and not too less. Do not go extra with the food. Just some less expensive dishes would work fine. People are here to celebrate with you and to be the part of your happiness not to eat food. So, make sure you have a pre-planned list, which is within your budget. Handover this list to the caterers and let them know your demands.


  • One of the important thing is to enjoy your day. Just make sure that you are enjoying your big day without any problem. Do not go for perfection. Let everything be the way it is. Sometimes imperfections can be the great source of ultimate happiness and some unforgettable moments. So, just live in the moment and Carpe Diem!

Everyone’s effort is to make their wedding day unique and different from the others. Wedding day brings a lot of emotions with it and it can sometimes create little moments of joy. In order to do that what you can do is that you can share some of your personal moments together, which can make your day amazing by recalling them. This will bring a twist in your day and the guest will remember it for the rest of their lives.

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