Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most memorable and happiest day of their life. Celebrities are no different, the only difference is their weddings, more often than not, are broadcasted around the globe for all to see so they go above and beyond to make them show stoppers. There are some celebrity wedding trends that may possibly help give you some ideas for your own wedding and here they are.

Going overseas

One of the first questions asked by the public and the media when they hear that a celebrity is getting married is, “Where is the wedding going to be?” This is because it’s common that the wedding will not take place in their own town or home country. Celebrity weddings are known to be in exotic places around the world, commonly known as destination wedding locations,  and the best thing is that there will never be a lack of places to choose from. Destination weddings are not just for those who are rich and famous. Although the celebrity weddings may have cost a fortune there are many destinations that are more affordable but just as beautiful and just as romantic.

Let them have cake!

Even in non-celebrity weddings the cake is such an important feature of the day. When it comes to celebrity cakes though, they almost take on the saying “go big or go home”. As the centerpiece at every wedding, the wedding cake stands as a symbol of how big their love is. They also tend to be made of many tiers of cake stacked on top of one another to create a tower of delicious goodness. There are many celebrity wedding cakes that you can use for inspiration for your own cake whether you want to take the 10 tier approach or not, there are definitely some good ones out there to choose from.

Keeping it modern

If there’s one thing celebrities want to be; is to be up to date. Their weddings can be full of color, or lack thereof depending on the current trends. Modern color schemes tend to be pulled from recent fashion trends in fashion week and the table centerpieces match. From the flower arrangements, to the bridesmaids’ dresses, to the cake, everything is modern and flashy.

When thinking of your own wedding take this into consideration, if planning it like a celebrity is what you really want. Of course celebrity weddings go all out and no expense is spared. It’s safe to say this is unrealistic to expect a normal person to be able to afford the same wedding as a celebrity but you can get very close with an affordable budget. It is most definitely possible to get the wedding of your dreams close to that of a celebrity wedding.

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