When it comes time to plan a wedding, many people want to go all out and try to be like the celebrities, party like them, and dress like them. It’s not a bad goal to have if you have that kind of money. If you do (or you are fabulously creative when it comes to saving money), and having a dream wedding like the stars is it, than here are some of the latest trends in order to make your big day spectacular.

Destination Wedding

What is more lavish than inviting people to take a plane ride to someplace exotic for a wedding? Really, almost nothing because it’s something that not everyone is going to do. Many celebrities do this and it’s not a trend that is going to back down. Remember Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding? They went to Florence, Italy and had a spectacular wedding. Many people dream of something like this. Just make sure to have your closest families finances in mind. While you don’t want to base your entire idea off of this, you also don’t want someone to go into debt for feeling obligated to go to the wedding, like mom and dad for example.


Having a DJ & a Live Band

Seriously what could be better than having more than one type of music at your reception to change the mood. When you want to do all the first dances, maybe the live band would add the perfect energy to the room, one of romance and desire. Even during dinner this would be a nice addition to the party as there would give a relaxed feel. Then once it’s time to start the real party, the DJ can do their thing and amp it up.


Keep Everything in One Location

What’s worse than having a beautiful ceremony only to have to drive 30 minutes for the reception? It takes something away from the energy and the flow of the day. Keep everything in one location It saves time and keeps the right energy flowing throughout the night.  This could be the time when the Live Band would be appropriate. Have everyone eating hors d’oeuvres and listening to light music with a good rhythm while the venue is being altered in another area. It saves time and keeps the right energy flowing throughout the night without interruption and potential traffic which could really kill the mood.


Make Your Invitations Sparkle

Beautiful metallics are the key right now and having their moment. Rose gold and whites are great when the metallic is brushed and not shiny. It allows for a romantic and gentle vibe projecting “richness” that other metallics can’t. Also make the paper special. Imagine getting a beautiful invitation that was crafted  via origami? How interesting would that be? Or if you are doing a certain time period of theme the folding, color, design of the paper can be unique and match the theme. It’s a great surprise to the recipients and they’ll be looking forward to what you have in store for the actual wedding. 

Weddings can be as big or small as you want them to, just make sure that you follow your hearts in creating exactly what you want. After all, you are celebrating the beginning of the rest of your life, why not go big?

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