Marriages are made in heaven. It is a precious and important day in everyone’s life. The bride and the groom are the ultimate showstoppers of the day. The days between the engagement and the wedding flies! Here are some of the things to do to gear up:

The best way to go about prepping up for your dream wedding would be to choose the wedding date. Once you set the ball rolling, it is easier to get the job done. Next on the checklist, is choose the theme and color! By choosing this, your bride’s and groom’s dresses are matched as it will be related to the theme.

Set a theme!

By theme, we mean the look and feel of it. How do you want it to be? Romantic? Colorful? Vintage? Modern? Something else? You take a pick! This “look and feel” of the wedding will be enhanced by the following: party set up, DJ, live band, and surprises! Believe me, you can make it all the more memorable!

The next thing on the hot to-do list would be to choose the location: where you would like the wedding to be held. Take it one step at a time, by choosing from the broader options: location indoor or outdoor, home or party hall etc. Once that is decided, you can go about and choose the place of relevance for you.

The most important thing to the bride is the gown that she will wear. Go to your favorite designer and tell her the kind of gown that you would like. Once it has been handcrafted and tailored, you can buy the rest of the accessories: jewelry, gloves, footwear, etc. This is the day the brides have to look their best self, ever!

Now, the groom, has a limited collection to choose from, compared to the bride. Formal apparel is his only choice. Once you give your measurements, and the suit has been tailored, you can finish it up by shopping for boots, socks and tie.

Don’t you need guests at your wedding? You’ll have to invite them! Customize your invitation. Write a few simple words from your heart, inviting them for your wedding at the locality. It should have a personal touch to it. You can send out mails or cards, but personal invitation is the best and most preferred. Sing off with both the bride’s and groom’s names!

Capture it all!

The wedding itself is like a dream. Bring in a photographer to capture all those lovely, intense, romantic and emotional moments. You will cherish those pictures, traveling down memory lane. Have a big smile on your face in today’s era of social media, with selfies going viral each second. Get camera ready and get ready for a new life as well.

Last, but not the least, do not forget to place the order for the wedding cake! Choose your favorite flavor. The size of the cake is dependent on the number of guests you are inviting.

A wedding is an occasion to celebrate. Entertainment and fun is a must! Call in a DJ for some fun, music and dance. Color up your day! Make your dream wedding come true!

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