The wedding is a major milestone in a couple’s life. The dream of sharing, living happily and enjoying each other’s companionship is what they long for. The wedding is the culmination of their dreams into reality. They just want to live every moment of their special day and make that day memorable. The wedding couple needs to make some serious arrangements for executing their best day comfortably. The wedding planning involves a host of areas to be covered, including location, food, guests, catering depending on the choice and preference. Some of the wedding tips that can come handy while preparing for your big day are as follows:


Any event to become successful requires good planning. The couple can either take the help of a professional wedding planner, or get the planning done with the help of relatives and friends. It is necessary to pre-decide on all essential things for the wedding. From the guest list to the wedding attire to the place of the wedding, everything needs to be decided beforehand, so that bookings and arrangements can be made.

Program Schedule

The wedding is a major affair and nobody wants that there should be any hiccup. The wedding tips include making a wedding program. The program detail should be well presented in a card which will include an introduction about the couple along with a brief story of their union. The piece of paper will even make the guests aware of the rituals and the proceedings that are scheduled to happen during the wedding. This will make the guests more interested in the wedding and prevent any boredom.

Seating Arrangement

Not all people will be willing to stand throughout, for your wedding and even the elderly need seats to enjoy your marriage ceremony. So, make proper seating arrangement keeping in view the location and the type of décor.

Do a Trial

Whether it’s your costume or the décor that is going to adore the venue. Ask your stylist and decorator to give a trial, so that whatever changes are to be made can be done beforehand.

Don’t Overdo Things

It is very important for couples to realize that everything needs not to be elaborate, to create an impression. Keep the wedding rituals short; don’t give long speeches as nobody gives too much attention on things that go on and on. Your guests won’t be very comfortable sitting back for long proceedings.

Emergency Survival

Whether you are having a summer or a winter wedding, an emergency can come anytime. It can rain or there can be a snowstorm or any other disaster. Be prepared for such situations, so that the wedding runs smoothly. Keep a first aid kit handy in case of minor injuries.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Wedding is a tedious thing. But, you have been waiting for this day for a long time, so enjoy yourself, keep your inhibitions, stress away and just be yourself. The moment lost will not come back, but these memories will always be there to bring a smile on your face. Just follow these wedding tips and be the coolest bride and groom.

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