Whilst most of us would like a fairly traditional wedding, many hold a secret desire to do something out of the norm. A wish to be a little left field. But what? If you are after a theme which is a bit different for your big day, then we have some ideas to offer inspiration. And if you are going for it, then go big!

Sporting Specials

Share a love for a team, or a sport? Then how about going for a sporting motif for your wedding? Insist that your guests wear the colors of your favorite side. Deck the halls in flags and pennants. Most big sporting venues will allow you to hire a room, or even (if your wallet is big enough) the whole arena. Maybe you could even hire a former player to give a speech, or join you in greeting your guests. Most big sports will have board or arcade games based on them, buy or rent a few and use them to break the ice. Hire screens and show highlights from your favorite fixtures.


Actor Aaron Paul married his wife Laura Paresekian using The Great Gatsby as his inspiration. Tail coats, top hats, cravats and beautiful gowns were all on show for the occasion. With it being easy to hire or buy costume clothing any genre is a possibility. But your theme can go further than the clothing. Go Shakespearean and have a hog roast, with lots of pies and other seventeenth century sundries on your menu.


Using the same ideas, how about taking a classic TV show to base your day upon. Dress up as your favorite Star Trek Character (saving Uhuru and Kirk for the bride and groom, of course) and phasar your way to fun. For the chocolate lovers amongst you, a Willy Wonka style wedding gives huge opportunities for bright dress, hidden golden tickets and pure indulgence amongst the food.


Weddings are fairy tales, when the magic flows. So here is an easy and popular inspiration. How about a cake in the shape of a castle, or crystals as keepsakes for your guests? Clothing is easy with a theme such as this. And, could anything beat the image of a bride arriving in a golden carriage?


One of the simplest, but most effective ways of providing inspiration for your big day is to set a color theme. You can decide the extent of this, whether to limit it to table decorations and flowers, or extend to the clothing guests wear and color of the car in which you arrive.


For those with thirst for adventure, how about a wedding on ice? You might well want to reserve lots of space for those unsteady on their feet through age or alcohol, but as well as a rink to show off your moves, crystals and chandeliers will set off any occasion in splendid style.

We hope that these ideas might provide you with inspiration to look up your own wedding theme. The great thing is, this is something you can organize yourself or, with a quick look online, find someone to take charge for you.

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