For many, the traditional white wedding in the local church, with friends and family in attendance is the idyll they seek. And why not? After all, the marriage service is based on culture and tradition. However, increasingly couples are seeking to add something different to their wedding day experience.

So, what are the trends in 2018? And what might be popular as the decade enters its final years? Here are some of the things we expect to be on the horizon for those looking to do something a little different for their special day.

Somewhere Unusual

For those looking to be a little different, how about tying the knot on a black, volcanic beach, or on top of a glacier? What about behind a waterfall? (We don’t recommend IN a waterfall, but then, who could predict whether wet suit weddings might become the thing of the future?) If one of these ideas appeals to you, then Iceland could be the destination to try.

Printing Paradise

As 3D printers become ever more affordable to hire or even buy, why not make your own, personalized cake and table decorations?

The Virtual World

Being a Millennial is all about doing what you want, when you want to do it. So, there has been a big growth in planning everything on line. This enables you to make changes and add ideas when you think of them.

Breaking the Ice

Most of us have been to weddings and seen one of the inevitable negatives. Granny and the Aunts want a quiet place where they can chat away, friends want a space to drink and dance, his side and her side sit separated by an invisible wall. Lots of forward thinking couples are using games, creative tasks and interactive food tables to break the ice between guests. Get people talking to those they don’t know as well, and your reception will go with a swing.

Dual Purpose Dresses

Every bride wants to look at their most stunning best for the service, and have fun at the reception afterwards. Often, this will involve buying two gowns for the special day but the trend is growing for brides to wear dresses with detachable elements, which can often be cheaper than buying two different items.

Food to Last

The wedding breakfast is a great tradition, but often takes place quite early in the day. More and more weddings are seeing snacks provided to keep up energy levels as the day flows into the night.

Support a Worthwhile Cause

Go to many married couple’s homes and hidden away under boxes and kept at the back of cupboards will be the wedding gifts that were duplicated, or not really wanted. Nobody should ever refuse a gift because it is not what they asked for, that would be just plain rude, but your cousin’s tastes can be very different to your own. Increasingly, replacing or enhancing the wedding list, couples are identifying charities they would like to support. This gives guests the chance to make a donation to help a worthy cause.

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