As it is often said, “The only thing constant is change”, and that applies to all things in life- even to wedding trends. It’s surprising how fast bridal fashions and ceremonies have evolved over the last ten years. What was regarded as ‘a la mode’ then is regarded as ‘old fashioned today’ and what’s the accepted norm now would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

Let’s take a peek at some of the wedding trends and new inspirations that appear to be trendy and very popular:

Bridal Gowns

Gowns are set for a total overhaul in the sense that brides are going in for ‘removable skirts. So when the bride walks down the aisle, she wears a fantastic ball gown with a party dress beneath. When it’s time for the reception, off comes the skirt to reveal a slim, sheath like dress that does wonders for the bride. Two-in-one concept is really catching on.


Brides appear to be moving away from color- towards neutrals. Neutral shades and metallic are in- golds, creams and grays seamlessly merge with glass and metallic, lending sheen and subdued luster to the gay atmosphere. The combination permeates into all things- the decor, the favors and even onto the invitations.

Entrances and Décor

These are no longer taken for granted- somber entrances have given way to the elaborate and guests are treated to unique experiences that really gets them going. Wedding decor is changing too- tall tapers, low-hanging string lights, chandeliers of different shapes and sizes are lighting up the visual spaces.


Couples are opting for unique destinations as wedding settings and far away destinations are the current rage. This may range from a beach wedding to tropical paradises such as the Bahamas or Mexico. Canada, Italy and the Niagara Falls are emerging as popular places where the couples want to tie the knot.

Virtual Planning

Like everything else, wedding trends too are seeing a paradigm shift in planning. Today’s generations want ‘immediacy’ and relish sharing their plans with others. The key is virtual planning, where all concerned have all the information right at their fingertips. This trend is likely to continue and become more popular in the days to come.


Heavy food is on the way out with couples looking to delight guests with delicacies that add to the airy and light feeling of the moment. Late night snacks seem to be making their way in and dinner is seeing new extensions in the form of additional courses.


Goes way beyond music and food- interactive food stations and games seem to be the new way of social interaction and engagement. Couples want to make the day memorable not only for themselves but also for their guests. Hiring artistes and artists to keep guests engaged is the new inspiration that’s doing rounds.

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